Low Cost Divorce in Waco, Texas

After making the difficult decision to get a divorce, the next decision is how you will go about obtaining a divorce.  In most cases, the cost of the divorce is an important factor to both parties.  Although highly contested and complex divorces can be costly, an agreed divorce can be extremely inexpensive, costing only a fraction of what a contested divorce costs.  Of course, an Agreed Divorce is only appropriate under certain specific circumstances because both husband and wife must agree to all of the terms and conditions of the divorce.  That is, an agreed divorce is only appropriate when there is no dispute as to any term or condition of the divorce, including child custody, child support, child visitation, division of property, and division of debts.

What is an Agreed Divorce?

An Agreed Divorce is where both spouses have agreed to the divorce and have agreed to all the terms and conditions of the divorce agreement, including property division, child custody, child support, child visitation, and division of debts.  There are no disputed or contested issues between the spouses.  The spouses usually meet with the divorce attorney together and tell the attorney how they want the property and debts divided and what they have agreed to regarding all issues relating to their children, if they have any.

How much does an Agreed Divorce cost?

With an Agreed Divorce, the spouses keep most of the money, rather than paying it to attorneys.  Because all of the terms of the divorce are agreed upon by both parties, the only real work involved is drafting all of the paperwork and appearing at the final hearing.  Normally, the cost for an Agreed Divorce is approximately $1,500, though the specific circumstances of each case may cause the cost to be somewhat lower or higher than this amount.  This means that if splitting the costs between the spouses, each spouse would only pay approximately $750 for attorney fees.

Contact McDermed Family Law

If you are unsure whether an Agreed Divorce is possible, contact our office and we will be happy to discuss your case and whether an agreed divorce is right for your situation.   To keep fees low, we handle all matters over the phone and email and, therefore, there will not be any need for you to make a trip to our office.  If an agreed divorce is appropriate for your situation and you and your spouse agree to move forward with an agreed divorce, we can draft the paperwork and often have it filed with the court within 72 hours.   Contact McDermed Family Law to get the information you need to do what is best for your situation.  We are here to make the divorce process as easy and inexpensive as possible, while still doing what is best for you!

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