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Is developing and implementing a child custody schedule impossible for you and your partner? Parenting plan law was developed for people in your situation. Our parenting plan lawyer can help you develop a shared parenting plan with your partner that will make child custody and decision making much less stressful.

Shared Parenting Plan Agreement For Divorced Parents

A shared parenting plan allows a divorced couple to rely on a very detailed schedule for raising their children. You may ask yourself, “What is a parenting plan?” It is a legal agreement between divorced parents explaining in detail the intricacies of their child custody agreement. Child custody and decision making are the two most important aspects a parenting plan agreement covers. The plan provides an extremely detailed schedule covering everything from the child’s daily schedule to logistical issues inherent in joint custody.

Parenting plan law was created to help parents avoid future legal issues regarding child custody. A divorce parenting plan allows parents to have a clear idea of what is expected of them in every facet of their child’s upbringing. Our parenting plan attorneys will answer all of your questions and make recommendations, so there are as few issues as possible on the legal side of things. The goal of a divorce parenting plan is for your child to never feel neglected or like s/he is being pulled around. The best communication and the most positive circumstances for your children can be achieved with a parenting plan for divorced parents.

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