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If you are or have been a member of the military or if you are a non-military spouse considering divorce, you should know that divorce is different for you than it is for civilian divorce. Our experienced military divorce attorney will walk you through military divorce laws so that you understand the path ahead of you. Getting a divorce in the military is not an easy process, so it is important for you to know what military divorce benefits are available to you.

Getting a Divorce in the Military

Getting a divorce in the military is just as difficult, if not even more difficult, than a civilian divorce. A military divorce can be deferred for several months at a time depending on the deployment status of active duty military personnel. Military divorce is not an easy thing to understand because there are army divorce laws, air force divorce laws, and marine corps divorce laws that cover different things. Our expert military divorce attorneys can recognize the differences between these military divorce laws and help you understand what you need to do to take advantage of the military divorce benefits available to both parties. Most military personnel have tax-exempt allowances for housing, hazardous duty pay, or overseas pay that are still viewed as part of the marital estate and can be used as a basis for deciding how much child support is to be paid. The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act, or USFSPA law, covers military retired pay. It sets the foundation that military retired pay can be viewed and distributed just like a civilian pension plan.

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