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Many courts express gender bias in rulings regarding child custody. Our fathers' rights attorney fights to break this bias by proving that you, as a father, have as much right and ability to raise your child. Whether it's full-time custody you want or just more than the old regular visitation of every other weekend, the Waco attorney at McDermed Law Office will fight for your rights to be a real part of your children's lives.  Another issue that is often unfair to fathers is child support.  There are situations where the father pays enough child support that he is actually paying for 100% of what it costs to raise his child.  This means the mother is paying NOTHING to raise their child.  Does this seem fair? Our child support attorney will work tirelessly to make sure that you, as a father, are treated the same as the mother so that BOTH parents contribute to your child's well-being and livelihood.  

Most men don’t consider fighting for their parental rights as fathers because they see it as a lost cause. In the past, courts have displayed an utter lack of understanding of fathers' rights law in pursuit of what they view as what is “in the best interest of the child.”  However, we have had success in obtaining full custody or equal possession of the children for fathers that previously would have been near impossible to obtain.  Fathers ARE NOT second-class parents and we will stand up for your rights as an equal parent to your children.

Parental Rights For Fathers in Divorce

Even if it may seem impossible to retain primary or sole custody of a child as a father, there may be other options that would allow you to have equal possession of your child with the mother. Fathers' rights law has been guided by the efforts of fathers rights advocates over the years to assist you in getting a more favorable form of custody. Father rights in divorce are equal to that of a mother. It is not common knowledge that a judge may have an idea about who your child should spend time with before the case is even heard. As more women enter into careers, more men are working from home or have taken on duties that were traditionally the responsibility of a woman. This is a fact that is sometimes missed in custody cases. Our experienced father's rights attorney knows how to explain your precise situation to a judge to make sure you have full protected father's rights in child custody. If you do not understand parental rights for fathers, we can explain them to you and protect them in a father's rights custody hearing.

Additional Modifications and Rights for Fathers

Perhaps you just want more time with your child; you would like to customize the standard possession order under the Texas Family Code or you would like to be able to speak to your child during the week.  These are issues that we regularly seek and fight for in court.  We have acheived excellent results obtaining for fathers:  additional possession time with their children, customizing a possession schedule that allows for minimum contact between the mother and father, and specific times for fathers to call their children during the week so that fathers are able to stay in regular contact with their children instead of going days without speaking to them.

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If you suspect that your parental rights for fathers have been violated you do have somewhere to turn. Contact our fathers' rights attorney. We understand fathers' rights law and will work to make sure you are protected and get the most beneficial outcome for you and your child in a father’s rights custody case. We will protect the well being of you and your child!

Our goal is to get the best outcome in a father’s right custody case for you and your child. We will protect your rights!

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