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As you figure out what steps you need to go through to finalize a divorce, you will eventually have to make a decision on the division of property in a divorce. A division of property attorney will give you the information you need to form a fair property division agreement with your spouse. Your division of property lawyer is the best person to assure you of a fair and equitable agreement with your spouse.

Community Property - Division of Property in a Divorce

Equitable division of marital property is one of the main goals in a divorce. A division of property attorney can explain what the laws provide for in your area. Texas is a community property state.  This means that generally any assets, property or income obtained during the marrirrage are considered community property and may be equitably divided between the spouses by the court. Some states form property division agreements on a case by case basis, while other states start at a 50/50 split of property and go from there.

It is important to know that property is not only the assets you own but also the debt you owe. In some cases a spouse will try to drive up debt knowing that their partner will have to pay for half of whatever they spend. A division of property lawyer has the experience and ability to protect you from such underhanded tactics. You are responsible for proving what assets you have before a judge can make a ruling on your marital property division case. It is also important for you to realize that you are not automatically awarded 50% of your property in equitable distribution states. Many factors are used to determine property division.

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