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Are you unsure how child support will affect you financially after a divorce? The experience of our child support attorney can answer your questions and set your mind at rest. Child support is often the most constant and predictable aspect of a divorce. A child support attorney can give you the child support information you will need to help you get a ballpark range of how much child support you will pay or receive.

What is Child Support & Child Support Enforcement

When children are involved in a divorce you may wonder “What is child support? Do I need an attorney for child support?” Child support is a court ruling for one parent to provide financially for the well-being and raising of a child. If there is 50/50 custody one parent may still pay child support if that parent makes even slightly more than the other.  However, if your children live with each parent 50% of the time, then often we will recommend that neither parent pay the other child support.  It has been our experience throughout the Waco/McLennan County Family Courts The amount of child support to be paid is usually based on how much the higher earner makes in a year. Our child support attorney can help you predict if you will owe child support, and if so, give you an idea of how much you will owe.

If a parent feels they are being unduly punished by child support, they often cease payments. Child support enforcement is covered by child support laws, and the parent who is delinquent on payment can be prosecuted. Extreme situations are handled by the federal government, while most instances of failure to pay child support are dealt with on a state or district level. If the parent who owes child support moves across state lines to avoid payment or is two years delinquent the federal government gets involved. The federal government has the ability to prosecute the offender using the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act.

Before opting to withhold payment, you should know that child support modification is an option. Our goal is to make sure that child support enforcement is never needed by supplying you with the child support information you need. This will allow you to know what your options are if you cannot meet the financial obligations set at the beginning of your divorce.

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Are you unsure about the child support information you have? Do you still ask “what is child support?” Our child support attorney is here to help. Contact our child support law firm. We can give you all the information you need and help you avoid child support enforcement. We are here for all your child support needs.

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