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Child custody cases can be a trying time for a family. The experience of our child custody attorney will guarantee that the process is handled precisely and that all the necessary terms are covered. Child custody laws can be extremely complicated, and our child custody law firm will help to clear the confusion they can cause. We will work to get what is best for your children and you.

Primary Custody, Split Custody & Joint Custody Laws

When it comes to child custody cases you have more than one option. There are various types of child custody including primary custody (or sole custody), joint physical custody, and joint legal custody. In Texas, we now refer to joint or sole custody as "joint conservatorship" or "sole conservatorship."  Joint custody or joint conservatorship, also know as split custody, is often the most beneficial for all parties. However, primary custody, also known as sole conservatorship, may be your only option, and a child custody attorney will strive to get the most beneficial outcome for you and your child. Our child custody attorney is available to answer any questions you may have concerning child custody laws.

Joint custody laws provide two options: joint physical custody and joint legal custody. Physical custody calls for both parents to have equal time with the child and equal decision-making power. Legal custody, on the other hand, calls for the child to live primarily with one parent while both parents retain equal decision-making power. If primary custody is not an option, our child custody attorney will determine which course is best for you and your child.

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If the prospect of deciding who your child will live with and the child custody laws are just too hard to untangle, contact our child custody law firm. We will go over the joint custody laws with you to come to a positive conclusion on where your child lives. Contact us today and we will get what is best for you and your child.

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