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Are you going through a divorce? Are you wondering if you qualify for or must pay alimony, or spousal support? Our experienced alimony attorney is adept at getting amicable alimony agreements for divorcing couples, while reflecting the contributions of both parties to the marriage estate. You and your best interests will be represented by our alimony attorney for the duration of the case. Whether you are the breadwinner or you are seeking alimony, a spousal support attorney will strive to get you what you deserve.

What Is Alimony and Divorce & Alimony Definition

Are you currently in the divorce process and have no idea how you’ll make it one just your income? Are you wondering, “What is alimony and how can it affect my current situation?” In most cases, alimony and divorce go hand in hand. An alimony definition is a legal obligation of one spouse to financially support the other spouse during, and usually after, a divorce. Alimony laws come in a variety of styles including temporary, permanent, and modifying alimony. Temporary alimony is meant to help support one spouse through the financial hardship of the divorce process and is usually not extended beyond that time. In contrast, permanent alimony is just that, permanent. A spousal support attorney can break down the factors that go into deciding how much will be paid in the case of permanent alimony. Modifying alimony allows for a change in the terms of payment. When one person’s financial situation changes, they can apply to modify the terms of payment. Alimony laws are there to protect both parties, so our alimony attorney will make sure the laws protect you.

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If you are still wondering, “What is alimony?” and are not confident with your knowledge of alimony laws our alimony attorney can help you. Contact us to get the information you need to protect your rights. A spousal support attorney is ready to help you with all of your alimony needs, whether you are paying it or receiving it. We are here to get you the financial support you deserve!

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